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Other animals that look like sea slugs:

Sea cucumbers, Family Holothuriidae


Comb jellies, Family Coeloplanidae


snails, Elephant Slug, Shield Slug,  Family Fissurellidae J. Fleming, 1822


Polyclad flatworms Phylum Platyhelminthes Gegenbaur, 1859


Acoelomorph flatworms Phylum Acoela Uljanin 1870


snails, True Cowries,  Family Cypraeidae Rafinesque, 1815


snails, False Cowries,  Family Ovulidae Fleming, 1822


snails, False Cowries,  Family Triviidae Troschel, 1863


snails,   Family Cystiscidae Stimpson, 1865


velutinid snails, Family Velutinidae Gray, 1840


pulmonate (airbreathing) slugs, Family Onchidiidae Rafinesque, 1815





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