Melibe digitata  Gosliner & V. G. Smith, 2003

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The most unique attribute of the genus Melibe and so of Melibe digitata is their method of feeding. They have no radular teeth and but have developed the oral veil into a large veil or "fish net" which they use to constantly scan the substrate as they crawl along. When the sensitive papillae on the inner edge of the oral veil touch a small crab or crustacean the edge of the veil is rapidly contracted, trapping the prey, which is then ingested.
Melibe digitata can be distiguished by its highly ramified cerata. The body is golden greenish to brownish, probably a sign of the presence of zooxanthellae. This shot shows its egg-mass.
Thanks for confirming the ID to David W. Behrens.
The original description of Melibe digitata is at PROCEEDINGS OF THE CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES pages 305ff.
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