Tritoniopsis alba (Baba, 1949) [Tritoniopsilla]

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Tritoniopsis alba (Baba, 1949) is characterized by pustules on the whitish notum. Above is a modified scan of Baba' s drawing of Tritoniopsilla alba.
Some scientists used to call the white colour form of Tritoniopsis elegans (Audouin, 1826) Tritoniopsilla alba, now known as Tritoniopsis alba, which has fewer of velar tentacles, and differs by pustules on the notum (smooth in T elegans) and lacks the opaque white markings on the notum.
There are only a few pictures of Tritoniopsis alba (Baba, 1949) online: from Japan, from Komodo Island, Indonesia, from the Red Sea, and from the Mashall Islands, .
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