Unidentia sp. 03  Genus: Millen & Hermosillo, 2012

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Unidentia sp. 03 is characterized by its translucent whitish body with purple longitudinal lines. The oral tentacles are basally bluish, the outer half is white, the smooth rhinophores are also basally bluish, with the outer half white. The cerata are transcendent with a tan-orange ceratal core, there is a diffuse lilac subapical band, the cnidosacs are white, the apices of the cerata are transcendent.
It is part of the 'Coryphellina rubrolineata look-alike' complex:
Pretty similar are :
Coryphellina rubrolineata which differs by the papillae at the posterior side of the rhinophores, and
Unidentia sandramillenae which has a broad opaque white band at the rhinophores, and a translucent orange background colour.
Unidentia sp. 02, which differs by the translucent bluish rhinophores and oral tentacles.
Unidentia cf. angelvaldesi which lacks the purple longitudinal lines.
There were many pictures of the 'Coryphellina rubrolineata look-alike' complex as Flabellina sp. from various locations at Nudi Pixel!
The website NUDIPIXEL is down, that is the pictures are gone.
This species was posted on 8 September 2012 at these websites as Flabellina sp. 05  Genus: Voigt, 1834,
Burn (2018) established that the name Flabellina was first established by McMurtrie in the first English edition of Cuvier's Règne Animal. The name Flabellina had earlier been attributed by ICZN Opinion 781 to Voigt (1834), in the German edition of Cuvier's work; and later to Gray (1833) in
Griffith & Pidgeon's translation of the same work.
I changed it on 7 April 2018 into Flabellina sp. 05  Genus: McMurtrie, 1831
I changed it on 23 June 2019 into Unidentia sp. 03  Genus: Millen & Hermosillo, 2012.
Robert Burn 2018. Flabellina McMurtrie, 1831: The earliest valid Latinization?
THE NAUTILUS 132(1):33 - 34, 2018
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