Flabellina sp. 07  Genus: Voigt, 1834

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This is an undescribed aeolid of the genus Flabellina, I label it Flabellina sp. 07. It is characterized by a translucent body which is covered with minute orange spots giving an orange appearance, and smooth rhinophores which are basally orange, followed by a translucent whitish patch,then again orange, the outer third is translucent whitish. The oral tentacles are translucent white. The cerata are yellowish-grey, with purple apices, and opaque white cnidosacs.
This species was misidentified and posted on 29 November 2014 at these websites as Trinchesia sp. 32  Genus: von Ihering, 1879, and on 8 January 2017 changed into Tenellia sp. 32  Genus: A. Costa, 1866.
On 20 February 2017 wrote Dr Richard C. Willan:"Your Tenellia sp. 32 is definitely an undescribed species of Flabellina. It occurs here in northern Australia and I have studied it myself."
I changed it again into Flabellina sp. 07  Genus: Voigt, 1834.
There are some pictures of this species from Bali, Indonesia as Flabellina sp. 13 at the Mediterranean Slug Site.
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