Atagema sp. 03  Genus: M.E. Gray, 1850

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Atagema sp. 03 is characterized by a tan background colour, and by translucent stellate clusters of caryophyllidia. The translucent tan rhinophores are lamellate, and have translucent white tips. The gills are translucent tan with white tips.
I misidentified this species and posted it on 22 October 2011 as Thordisa sp. 03  Genus: M.E. Gray, 1850,
Dr. Richard C.Willan identified it as a species of Atagema, I changed it on 6 September 2016 into
Atagema sp. 03  Genus: M.E. Gray, 1850
To my knowledge are these the only pictures of this species, it is not in IPN nor at the internet!
How to cite:
Köhler, E. (2017), published 6 February 2017, Atagema sp. 03  Genus: M.E. Gray, 1850
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Doridina/Atagema_sp_03.htm


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