Thecacera sp. 01  Genus: Fleming, 1828

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Thecacera sp. 01 is characterized by its orange body with purple/black spots, the extrabranchial processes are orange with black apices. It differs from similar undescribed species of the genus Thecacera by its black tipped orange rhinophores, and the arrangemant of the black spots.
This species is as Thecacera sp. 4 in IPN at page 110.
Pretty similar is Thecacera pacifica which lacks the black spots on the body and does have a black line along the outside edge each gill, its extrabranchial processes, extrarhinophoral processes and the 'tail' are white tipped diffusing into blue then into a black band.
This species was posted on 25 April 2004 at these websites as Thecacera sp. A  Genus: Fleming, 1828, I changed it on 25 April 2012 into
Thecacera sp. 01  Genus: Fleming, 1828.
For some genera, such as Trinchesia was the alphabet almost through. I had to change the distinguishing alphabetic character into a number. I had chosen 2-digit numbers, even though '01' looks a little bit stupid, and now is only the genus italic written.
Gosliner, Terrence M., David W. Behrens & Ángel Valdés. 2008. Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs. Sea Challengers Natural History Books.
Gig Harbor, Washington. 426pp.
More information on Thecacera sp. 01 as Thecacera sp. 2 are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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