Goniobranchus fidelis (Kelaart, 1858) [Doris]

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Goniobranchus fidelis has a creamy white mantle with a broad orange band around the mantle edge and a thin wine red line between the white and the orange. On the inner edge of the orange band there are usually a series of tongue-like patches running into the white region. In some cases they are almost all wine red while in others there is only a slight thickening of the red band. The rhinophores and gills are black, the foot is white. It grows to 20-25 mm long.
It was posted on 21 Apr. 2003 at these websites as Chromodoris fidelis (Kelaart, 1858) [Doris],
I follow the recent article (published: 10 April 2012)
Rebecca Fay Johnson & Terrence M. Gosliner. 2012.
Traditional Taxonomic Groupings Mask Evolutionary History:
A Molecular Phylogeny and New Classification of the Chromodorid Nudibranchs. online at
and move Chromodoris fidelis to the reerected ("rescued from synonymy") genus Goniobranchus  Pease, 1866.
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