Stiliger smaragdinus  Baba, 1949

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Stiliger smaragdinus is characterized by its greenish body, and by the bubble-like cerata. There is a tentacle-like nipple at the tip of each ceras. The enrolled greenish rhinophores have white tips. It feeds on the algae Caulerpa racemosa on which it is almost invisible, perfect camouflage.
Pretty similar is Ercolania sp. 4 which differs by the unrolled rhinophores.
The original description of Stiliger smaragdinus is from Japan, now there are records from many locations,
from West to East: from Bali Island, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and from the Marshall Islands , to Hawaii. Apte et al. (2016) extend the range
of S. smaragdinus to India far westwards from its present distribution.
The correct generic placement of this species is not clear, Kathe Jensen is "preparing a description of a new genus for it" that was 20 years ago (1997).
Apte D.A, Kamboj R.D & Bhave V. (2016). First record of Stiliger smaragdinus  Baba, 1949 (Mollusca: Sacoglossa: Limapontiidae) from India.
Journal of Bombay Natural History Society 112 (2): 114-117.
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